Pedal Plate 2.0 – Pedal Adapter – Look KEO compatible


Make more use of your road bike! / No more sliding of your clipless pedals. With the Pedal Plates you can easily turn your Look Keo clipless pedals into flats for use with all types of shoes.

Start having more fun when using your road bike:

  • for commuting
  • on your holidays
  • showing off during leisure time
  • sharing your bike with friends and relatives or
  • just because you can!

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Pedal Plates offer a platform for extra comfort and safety by increasing the surface and grip of your clipless pedals. These are unique adapters that:

  • are compact and light,
  • are a robust one-piece-solution,
  • don’t require the purchase of additional cleats and
  • don’t change the orientation of your pedals.

Besides that Pedal Plates:

  • Quick and easy to install and release and
  • Easy to take with you in your jersey, jeans or saddle bag.

Pedal Plates are produced in the Netherlands out of 100% recycled material and come with a lifelong guarantee on breakage and 3 years on  tear and wear.