Frequently Asked Questions
How to insert and release your Pedal Plates



SPD / X-Track:


What is the difference between the first Pedal Plates and Pedal Plates 2.0 ?
Pedal Plate Adapter Converter shimano SPD-SL Look Keo Roadbike shoesThe Initial grey model was our first production batch funded with Kickstarter. Those were aimed at and tested for use with sneakers. Based on discussions with and feedback from customers we have made an upgrade aPedal Plate 2.0 Models for Look KEO and Shimano SPD-SLnd colour change.

What you will see & feel is that the new series is in black and we updated the anti-slip profile to be more effective and also for shoes who don’t have the soft sneaker-type of sole,

And to contribute to our wish to be more socially responsible the Pedal Plates 2.0 series is produced out of 100% recycled material and the packaging is done in sheltered workplace by a team of mentally- and poly-handicapped people.

Which pedal systems are suiteable for the Pedal Plate?

Pedal Plate Adapter Converter shimano SPD-SL Look Keo Roadbike shoes


At the moment there are two ranges with four models of Pedal Plate.

For roadbikes we offert both the Shimano SPD-SL and the Look Keo pedal systems. Although both types of plates look similar to the untrained eye, we developed these two models seperately to be able to provide the best fit and solution for each of those pedal systems. You can click on the links to start shopping for your Shimano SPD-SL or Look Keo compatible Pedal Plates.

For the MTB/CX bikes we now provide two all-road models for the Crankbrothers Eggbeater/Candy and for the Shimano SPD/ Look X-Track and compatible pedals. You can click on the links to start shopping for your Crankbrothers or theShimano SPD/Look X-track  compatible Pedal Plates.



Are my pedals Look Keo Compatible too?
Best thing to do is to look at the cleats under your cycling shoes.

If you use cleats shaped like the ones on the left, you are save.

Even if you use compatible brands like ISSI.

You can order your Look Keo compatible plates by clicking here.

Is KEO model also for Delta pedals?

Unfortunately there is a difference between the older Delta and the current KEO cleats and pedals.

That is why the KEO model does not fit in the Delta pedals properly. However this does seem a valid option to buy a new set of KEO pedals too.

You can order your Look Keo compatible Pedal Plates by clicking here.

Is SPD the same as SPD-SL?

No, These are two different systems. The SPD-SL Pedal Plate is only applicable to the SPD-SL compatible pedals. So if you look under your schoes and it has the smaller steel cleats (on the left), you will be better of with the Pedal Plate model for SPD/X-track.

When you have the larger cleats on the right under your shoes, the Pedal Plates are made for you. You can then order your Shimano SPD-SL compatible plates by clicking here.

Pedal Plates for pedals making use of the smaller SPD cleats can be found and ordered here.

What's in it for me?
Pedal Plate converter adapter road bike shoesValid question. Not everybody has a use for the pedal plates. However if you are somebody who likes to use the road bike for more then just sports alone, you can consider the use of Pedal Plates:

  • for commuting
  • when on holiday
  • doing short trips
  • just showing off your bike
  • when you are one bike short
  • lending your bike to a friend or family
  • using(or sharing) the home trainer without denting the floor
  • because your road bikes rides so much better then your city bike
  • at first use of road bikes for those who are afraid for embarrassing traffic light situations

and that way get more fun from the money you invested in your road bike, so the answer is: Fun on Investment (FOI)

You can click on the pictures in our webshop to zoom in and see the details of both models of Pedal Plates

In which colours do Pedal Plates come?
During our Kickstarter campaign an the first period, you can choose from grey. As a start up we wish keep our investment low, so we limited our first production to one colour.

However if you do have suggestions for the future, do feel free to drop us a line.

I lost the card with the instructions (KEO/SPD-SL)
No problem. That’s why we have it available online.

Just click on the image to enlarge the instructions.

I can't find the box with the instructions for the MTB models.

No problem. That’s why we make it available online.

For the  Instructions for both MTB-models click on the link or the image to enlarge the instructions.

How can I release the Pedal Plate if the roadpedal tension is high?

Good question. That is one of the issues we solved with the Pedal Plate and exactly why we made the hole through the rear of the Pedal Plate. It is one of it’s unique features.

Users who don’t have enough strength in their hands/thumbs or use the Pedal Plates with high tension pedals, now have the possibility to release them by inserting a tool (like screwdriver) through the rear and take them out that way.