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The first model of the Pedal Plate was created November 2016 by Marc van der Heide from the Netherlands. Among a lot of things he is a passionate cyclist. A hobby where enthusiasm has to make up for the lack of talent. For cycling up and down to work he preferred to make use of his road bike, but didn’t like the hassle of bringing extra shoes. On holidays the road bikes came along where the family went. It was during commuting combined with those holidays, where the first ideas for the Pedal Plates were formed. After returning from weekend cycling in Belgium, I tried to order a few sets of adapters for my son and me. To my surprise there was no simple affordable solution on the market, like the one that I expected.

I still wanted to use my bike for more than sports alone, so that is why I started to develop the first prototype of the Pedal Plate. Initially as a hobby with the goal to develop a simple, low-cost solution that adds value to a cyclist’s road bike. After studying the market and existing patents, I got more and more serious and after developing and testing a series of prototypes, I had finally created the product, that I was looking for earlier.

The Pedal Plates prove that innovation doesn’t have to be complex. A Pedal Plate is a one-piece-adapter that is easy to insert and release. “In all its simplicity it’s the only available solution that is light, compact and  you don’t need additional cleats for. That way you don’t have a bulky style-breaker on your bike and the pedals won’t hang upside down. Keeping it simple also keeps it affordable.” according to Marc.

After applying for the patent we started a Kickstartercampaign in April 2017 to raise funds for the fist production. Those were really exciting times and in the end we pulled it off. It was very encouraging to see how many people had faith in the product and pre-ordered on or more sets on Kickstarter. Up to today Pedal Plates are in use in more then 36 countries all over the world. Since November 2017 we also applied for a worldwide patent.

The Pedal Plates are produced in the Netherlands from 100% recycled materials and we are very proud that the packing is done in one of the sheltered workplaces of Ons Tweede Thuis. This way we can help to offer employement to those with difficulties finding regular jobs. That makes the original a product 100% made in Holland.


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Adding value to road bikes in more then 40 countries: